The Hum of Life


Gotta love those oscillations in the air… also known as sound! We explore the art of handcrafting your own sound all the way from Iceland, and the ambience of animals.

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What Páll Makes

While traveling in Iceland last month, Terra Informa’s Chris Chang-Yen Phillips visited Húsafell to meet with Páll Guðmundsson, an artist whose local and naturally inspired work makes his home feel like one-of-a-kind.

Aleutian Seabirds

The petrel is a bird that spends its entire life at sea, only landing on remote islands to copulate. But, things have gone from bad to worse for this seabird in recent years and many biologists are hatching up ideas to help the petrel population survive in an era of marked by climate change and overfishing. Some of these ideas even have 80s rockers tapping their toes and thinking about our responsibility to protect the world’s most vulnerable ecosystems. Matt Hirji talked to Rachel Buxton about her research into the area.

Acoustics of Bark Beetles

David Dunn, sound artist and composer produced an album in 2006 called The Sound of Light in Trees: The Acoustic Ecology of Pinyon Pines, in collaboration with the Acoustic Ecology Institute. With tiny microphones, he records the sounds of bark beetles in New Mexico’s pinyon pines. Beyond a fascinating listening experience, this is an innovative approach to the ecology of insects, and to monitoring bark beetle populations

Sounds of Spring

What does spring sound like? Well on a farm, there’s chirping chicks, bawling lambs, and clucking chickens. In this next segment, Terra Informa’s Nicole Wiart joined a group of 5 year olds as they toured through her Aunt and Uncle’s farm to check out all of the new and noisy baby animals.

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