Book Club: The Golden Spruce

Grant-Hadwin-2 Now in our second year, Terra Informa’s book club is an official tradition. This week, join the discussion on John Vaillant’s The Golden Spruce. The worst excesses of resource extraction, radical environmental activism, First Nations traditions run roughshod, harrowing stories of betrayal and hypocrisy—this book truly is “a true story of myth, madness and greed.” Download this episode now. The Golden Spruce The “Golden Spruce” was a rare Sitka spruce tree that grew along the Yakoun River. Regarded as sacred to the Haida Nation, the tree met a tragic fate when activist Grant Hadwin cut it down in protest against the logging industry. John Vaillant’s The Golden Spruce shares Hadwin’s story, from his beginnings as a legendary forest engineer and wilderness man, through his crisis of faith, and beyond his mysterious disappearance in February 1997. Alongside all of this, Vaillant gives an insightful history of forestry in North America and its effects on the Haida people and the land we share. The Golden Spruce won the Governor General’s Award for non-fiction, and the Writers Trust non-fiction prize in 2005. It has recently been adapted into the film Hadwin’s Judgement. Listen to our interview with filmmaker Sasha Snow to learn more.

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