Next Book Club: Every Blade of Grass

We’ve decided to switch our June book club for Thomas Wharton’s Every Blade of Grass

From the author of Icefields, this “eco-romance” tells the story of James Wheeler and Martha Geddes, who meet at an environmental conference in Iceland. Their story unfolds in the letters they send one another, sharing their love for the oddities and wonders of nature. And when tragedy occurs, words from a distance may not be enough to help a friend find the way back from darkness.

Find this short read at your local library, independent bookstore or download the eBook. Then, send us your thoughts and questions about the book. Email or tweet us @terrainforma.

If you were looking forward to Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves, don’t worry! We’re still going to read it—but as it clocks in at over 800 pages, we’re pushing the date back until the end of August. So you’ve got lots of time to join in the discussion.

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