Finicky Flowers, Resourceful Rodents

One of the OSPF's orchids at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton. (c) Tasmia Nishat

This week, we uncover Edmonton’s best kept secret. Well, if you’re a plant nerd, anyway. Also, we talk about everyone’s favourite fluffy rodent!

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Orchid Species Preservation Foundation (Say that 5 Times Fast)

Most citizens of Edmonton are aware of the Muttart Conservatory, but not a lot of them know about the ginormous orchid collection that resides there. You may know orchids as that overly fancy flower stores sometimes sell. Or as something you put in baked goods at times, because fun fact: vanilla is an orchid. How did this collection come to be? And what’s up with orchids, anyway — why do people care enough to form an entire society around them?
Tasmia Nishat speaks with Dave Nixon of the Orchid Species Preservation Foundation, or OSPF for short, to get to the bottom of this. Plant nerds, this ones for you!

The Little Squirrel That Could

The Red Squirrel of the Yukon Territory weighs less than half a pound. They can be seen spending their days collecting pine cones, and scampering up trees. They are an animal that wouldn’t be out of place in your favorite children’s cartoon.  Not a very formidable presence when you consider their imposing surroundings in the great wilderness that is the Yukon.  But as we’ll soon find out, the red squirrel has a little trick up its sleeve. Matt Hirji spoke with University of Alberta biologist Stan Boutin to find out more.

Whats Happening

Tuesday, June 23rd, Windsor ON – Medicinal Plant Class

Starting Saturday, June 27th, Vancouver BC – Permaculture Design Certification

Sunday, June 28th, Edmonton AB – MEC Paddlefest

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