Canada Action’s Secret Tory Ties + The End


Last month, Desmog revealed links between the federal Conservative Party, the oil & gas industry, and the grassroots social media organization Canada Action. We’ll hear about Desmog’s investigation and discuss Astroturfing 2.0. This week, we also hear the eighth and final edition of Science Faction.

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What’s At Stake With Twitter Fake?

Canada Action is one of many groups that claims to be volunteer-run, grassroots organizations taking action around environmental issues—by defending the industry. When these groups turn out to be fronts for industry, we call that “astroturfing.” Recently, Carol Linnet and Donald Gutstein revealed evidence to suggest that Canada Action may be much closer to industry and the federal Conservative Party than they have admitted.

We speak with Carol Linnet, Managing Editor of as well as University of Alberta graduate student Jordan Kinder.

Science Faction: The End

“The End” of Science Faction has arrived! For our 8th and final show, hear from three great Canadian researchers, planetary scientist Dr. Alan Hildebrand, immunologist Dr. Matthew Miller, and climate champion Merran Smith, talk about three possible ways the world could end and how we can avoid TEOTWAWKI (a.k.a. the end of the world as we know it).


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