The Fruit Show: Food Forests & Fair Trade


Welcome to our annual Live for Fundrive show! This year we’re talking about fruit. Any way you slice it, it’s going to be a sweet time. Join us as we venture into Edmonton’s river valley to visit the Food Forest. Then it’s onto murkier terrain as we try to understand the current opportunities and challenges in Fair Trade fruit.

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Edmonton’s Food Forest

“Part garden, part forest, and part Saskatoon berry pie.” That’s how Dustin Bajer, Food Policy Council Member and teacher, describes the Food Forest his group planted in Edmonton’s river valley.

But what is a food forest? Why does Edmonton have one?  And how does one distinguish a regular forest from one full of fruits? Join Trevor Chow-Fraser and Dustin as they tour Mackinnon Ravine abd Edmonton’s first publicly planted food forest.

Biting into Fair Trade Fruit

Michael Zelmer was recognised as one of the 10 most influential pioneers in Canadian Fair Trade in 2007. He is a member of the Canadian Fair Trade Network Advisory Council and the former Director of Communications for Fairtrade Canada. In almost 15 years within the industry, he has delivered over 100 workshops and presentations on the topic. In 2005, Michael published his master’s thesis on the significance of the Fair Trade and organic markets for the protection of forested ecosystems on Nicaraguan coffee farms.

Today, he helps us understand Fair Trade certification, opportunities here in Canada as well as some other fruity business within the world of trading.

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