The Fruit Show: Why Grow Here? + Fruit Saved My Life


Welcome to part two of our live Fundrive show. Our theme has been fruit and today, we’ll look at the revealing history of fruitgrowing in Edmonton. And we’ll finish off with a story about going to the edge and finding a sweet, juicy landing. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting our fundraiser by visiting

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Why Grow Here?

Kathryn Chase Merrett is a writer whose former life as an architectural planner got her interested in what makes up a city, and what makes each city unique. Her earlier book on Edmonton’s City Market led her to write Why Grow Here: Essays on Edmonton’s Gardening HistoryWe spoke in studio to learn more about how settlers and First Nations alike made the lands in and around Edmonton fruitful over the past 150 years.

Fruit Saved My Life

Rob Jackson spent his teenage and young adult years training alongside future Olympians, the best of Canada’s track and field athletes. This is a story about being driven to succeed, cutting lose, and finding a soft landing in Guelph.

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