Bikes and Buffalo


This week, we discuss how not hardcore winter cycling is, and how to use story to enchant rather than bore via the Buffalo boy.

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We Can Be Winter Cyclers

The president of the Winter Cycling Federation, Timo Perälä, was in Edmonton last year for the Winter Cities Shakeup. He’s from Oulu, Finland and winter cycling is just a fact of life there, part of people’s daily routines. Timo thinks that if we stop labelling winter cycling as a niche culture here in North America, more people will get into it. He spoke to Carson Fong and Trevor Chow-Fraser.

The Story of the Buffalo Child

Math, geography and… storytelling? Teachers are regularly focused on a particular style of education that focuses on a prescribed curriculum. However the standard curriculum can lack voice, perspective and meaning without including one key aspect. Story. Dwayne Donald has challenged the norms on how we view education and curriculum through his unique position in the academic and Aboriginal communities. Dwayne toes the space between how and what we teach with his powerful message on curriculum.

Yvette Thompson spoke with Dwayne Donald, Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Alberta in September 2014. Today, we’re playing the story of The Buffalo Child, as told by Dwayne Donald.

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