Terra Informa At Night

Rise of the Milky Way“We’re on a quest that some say is impossible and some say can be done. That quest is to see the night sky,” says Terra Informer Chris Chang-Yen Phillips in this week’s classic episode. We spoke with a photographer whose pictures of the night sky helped declare Jasper National Park a designated dark sky reserve, an Energy Engineer, and the Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve Coordinator, all to catch a glimpse of that brave o’erhanging firmament.

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Light Pollution/Sustainable Lighting

Star light, star bright. What is night without darkness? As cities grow bigger, our nights grow brighter.What is light pollution? How are industry and municipality incorporating light efficient design? Kathryn Lennon spoke with Alan Luck, an Energy Engineer in Strathcona County, Alberta, and Sherrilyn Jahrig, former Director of Light Efficient Communities and Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve Coordinator for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

More information: International Dark Sky AssociationStrathcona CountyLife in the HeartlandEdmonton Sun

The Fermi Paradox i.e. Counting the little green men & big blue planets

Paul Gilster enjoys one of the most unlikely of day jobs: writing full-time on the science of space travel as the lead journalist for the Tau Zero Foundation. You can find his nearly daily updates on the website Centauri Dreams. Trevor Chow-Fraser got in touch with Paul to help us understand one of the central mysteries of outer space, the question we’ve all had at some point when looking up at the stars—are we alone in the big vast universe? Or, is there life up there in the stars? And if so, well why the heck haven’t they come calling? That’s the question scientists call the Fermi Paradox.

More information: Centauri Dreams – The News Forum of the Tau Zero FoundationFermi paradox – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaDoes a galaxy filled with habitable planets mean humanity is doomed?

Night Photography

To get a sense of the wonder of being outside at night, we called photographer Yuichi Takasaka in Lumby, BC. His pictures of wildlife and the night sky helped build momentum to declare Jasper National Park a designated dark sky reserve. Takasaka is also one of the photographers behind The World at Night, a collaborative international effort to capture the night sky.

More information: Blue Moon Promotions (Yuichi Takasaka’s website)The World at NightJasper Dark Sky Preserve

Another night-related link:

“To bring awareness to night vision problems, the Canadian Association of Optometrists has launched a campaign called “Drive Away the Glare.” You can visit the accompanying website to check the status of how well you see at night”.

Photo Credit to Jmencisom



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