It’s December! This month Terra Informa will be taking you through our favourite archives from 2011 to 2014! We’ll be starting in 2011. On this week’s episode, you’ll be hearing from Amy Goodman and her take on environmental reporting and media independence. Then, Dr Nettie Wiebe shares her expertise on small scale farming and sustainability. Lastly, learn how to grow your own seed bombs!

Download Episode here.

Independent Media and Environmental Reporting

Amy Goodman is the host and executive producer of Democracy Now!, a national, daily, independent and award-winning news program that airs on over 1,300 public television and radio stations worldwide. She has also written four books and a common theme in Goodman’s writing is the importance of what she calls the ‘independent media’. By way of demonstration, her program refuses all government funding and commercial advertising.

Former Terra Informa correspondent Myles Curry caught up with Goodman in November, 2011 to find out just what such media independence means for environmental reporting.

Sustainable Food Talk with Dr. Nettie Wiebe

In our second archive piece, we hear from Dr. Nettie Wiebe on the importance of small-scale family farming and eating locally.  She worked with the National Farmers’ Union throughout the 90’s and helped found an international peasants’ movement that spans 69 countries.  Her work focuses on sustainability, food sovereignty, and gender equity. Former Terra Informa correspondent Rebecca Rooney brings us this talk from 2011.

Guerilla Gardening with Seed Bombs

Rebecca Rooney tells us how to make seed bombs! For more information:

What’s Happening

Edmonton Valley Zoo: Festival of Light!

This December 4th to Dec 13rd, the Festival of Light (hosted by the Valley Zoo Development Society) will stage a spectacular exhibition of artistic light installations within the amazing setting of the Edmonton Valley Zoo. The festival takes place to celebrate light, artistry, imagination and the strong spirit of our community in the cold Edmonton winter. Each night will host a variety of outdoor entertainment, free hot chocolate, skating, crafts, a maze and this year, there’s a new edition―The EVZ Igloo! More Info:


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