Colours and Sounds: Terra Informa on Art!


Alex Janvier, “Lubicon,” 1988

This is the last episode of the year! Terra Informa is glancing back to 2014 to find one of our favorite pieces – and a timeless one it is, indeed! We bring you a story by Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, who interviewed Canadian Modernist painter Alex Janvier about his life, his activism, and his art. Then we have a special surprise: a new song by Toronto-based folk musician Sam Larkin. Unfortunately Larkin passed away in 2013, but a posthumous album is set to be released next February, and Terra Informa was given a sneak-peak at what’s to come.

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Interview with Alex Janvier
What role do art and expression play in social activism, environmentalism, or politics? With corporations arguably dominating the world and the question of “power” becoming more and more difficult to grasp, one could argue that something like art is the most important torch in the hands of justice and hope. Alex Janvier is one artist who has spent a lifetime tackling just such questions, and thanks to Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, we’re lucky enough to gain some insight into this work and life of this extraordinary figure.

Sam Larkin and “Nuclear Waste”
Exclaim! magazine has sent Terra Informa a sneak peak into the upcoming posthumous release by Sam Larkin called “The Secret Songs of Sam Larkin.” The song we’ll share with you here certainly has concern for the natural world as its central message, and it has all of our faces down at Terra Informa just beaming!


What’s Happening?

Art Gallery of Alberta’s exhibition ROUGH COUNTRY: The strangely familiar in mid-20th century Alberta art. ROUGH COUNTRY reflects the connections between Alberta artists and artistic practice in Europe.  The exhibition is part of an ongoing initiative to raise awareness about local art, and local history. It will be open until January 31st.

Fort Edmonton Park is running an event called Snowshoe Through Time.  Let the Park’s interpreters guide you back in time while you snowshoe by moonlight along Edmonton’s awesome River Valley loop. You’ll be following the tracks of voyageurs in centuries past and exploring the 1846 Fort to learn the history of European settlers in this region. This is a great event for active and curious families.

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