Beluga Whales, Art Activism, and Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan Explained


If your New Years Resolutions are to learn about beluga communication, Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, and art activism from Straight from the Hog’s Mouth: An Open Mic Poetry & Performance Night, then Terra Informa has you covered!

Download episode here. 

The Curious Case of the “Sea Canaries”

Beluga whales are sometimes called “sea canaries” or the “canaries of the sea” because of the various whistling, clucking and clicking sounds they make.

As a researcher, part of Dr. Valeria Vergara’s PhD thesis included recording belugas at the Vancouver Aquarium and deciphering their vocalizations. She found that beluga calves are similar to human babies in that they have to learn to make different calls. Dr. Vergara was able to identify and classify 28 distinct call types during her research, including a the “contact call” – the communication between a mother and her calf.

Terra Informa’s Natalee Rawat visited Dr. Vergara last November at the Vancouver Aquarium to talk about this curious marine mammal. The Vancouver Aquarium is currently highlighting Canada’s north in their feature, ‘Celebrate Arctic’. For more info visit,

Straight From the Hog’s Mouth

In December Terra Informers Ashley Kocsis and Tasmia Nishat attended a dazzling night of poetry and other performan, centred on animal rights and other social justice activities. We asked what inspired their poetry and the eternal question: what is art?
No, actually, we talked about politics and art–and the action potential of art.

Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan

Have you been hearing a lot about the Alberta Government’s Climate Leadership Plan- but don’t know the specifics of how the plan was created or what it entails? Terra Informer Erin Carter has you covered with a 3- minute ecobabble.

Download program log here.


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