Don’t COP out: The Canadian Youth Delegation at COP21

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The Canadian Youth Delegation at COP21

Diane Connors is an Edmonton-based social justice activist, artist, and community member. She got her start in activism through exploration of the natural world, carrying her concern for the environment into her education and work. Over time, Diane began to understand the importance of social justice in environmental work – including the connections to poverty, oppression, rights, and equity. She now works for the Council of Canadians, a nation-wide social justice organization with campaigns on climate change, healthcare, trade deals, water, and democracy. She is also involved in supporting the Next Up youth program and is a keen member of Edmonton’s arts and activist communities.  

Connors sat down with Terra Informa’s Natalee Rawat to talk about her first-hand experience at the summit, from Canada’s involvement moving forward, the state of emergency and indigenous voices.

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Following the adoption of the Paris Agreement by the COP (Conference of the Parties), it will be deposited at the UN in New York and be opened for one year for signature on 22 April 2016–Mother Earth Day.

The agreement will enter into force after 55 countries that account for at least 55% of global emissions have deposited their instruments of ratification.

Credit for the image to Diane Connors.





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