The Right to be Cold

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This week on Terra Informa, we talk to activist Shelia Watt Cloutier about the right to be cold, Tasmia Nishat’s bus driver about growing up with chinooks, and raw milk dairy farmers.

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Right to be Cold

Snow is culture. For the inuk and the arctic, snow is more than weather: it is a way of life. Sheila watt cloutier’s book the right to be cold advocates action on climate change to save snowy temperatures and a way of life. Watt Cloutier spoke at the Sustainability Speaker Series at the University of Alberta. Samantha Power speaks with her on saving snow and hope for action.

Growing up with Chinooks

Is it shi-nook or chi-nook? And you can actually smell them coming?! These are the things Tasmia Nishat gleaned when speaking with her bus driver about his experiences growing up with the chinook.

Converting to Raw Milk

According to the Canadian Dairy Information Centre, in 2012 the average Canadian drank about 78 liters of milk–an entire fridge’s worth. It’s safe to say that most Canadians like their milk, but the question of how we like it–raw or pasteurized–is a touchier subject. To learn about the appeal of raw milk, Morgana Folkmann reached out to Richard Griebel and Kathy Charpentier, two Castor, Alberta, farmers who, until recently, had been content with the status quo.

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