Who Wants to be a Terra Informer?


(Creative Commons License image – original here)

On this special Valentine’s week episode of Terra Informa, Erin Carter invites Shelly Jodoin and Kevin Holowack to crowd around a microphone in a small room and play Who Wants to be a Terra Informer? Listen up while Shelly and Kevin are tested on their knowledge of past Terra Informa stories and compete for some outstanding prizes in this electrifying, hair-raising game show that is sure to both delight and inform.

Are there net-zero buildings in Canada? Is chocolate an aphrodisiac? Can some water in Alberta be set on fire?

Most importantly, who will take come the coveted beer mug and the legendary organic basil?

Download episode here

Did anything in the game show pique your interest? Why not check out some of the past episodes we mentioned? Here’s a list in the order that they appeared:

Keeping Oil Underground + Inside Animal Minds (Cats! Cats?)
Great Bear, Green Screen, and Great Lakes (Beaver as Canadian ambassador?)
Saving Native Plants, Alberta Geothermal, Regenerative Buildngs (Net-zero buildings in Canada?)
Your Fracking Answers + Warning: May Contain Climate Change (Fracking and flammable water?)
Cowspiracy Cow-ntroversy, A Cow-nversation (Food Inc., or?)
We’re Bringing Sexy Back (Is chocolate an aphrodisiac?)
Eating Insects (Eating butterflies?)
Edward Burtynsky & Powered Plants (Nanotechnology in plants?)
Independent Media and Implications of Climate Change to Global Health (Are moose endangered?)

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