Talkin’ About Endangered Plants. Talkin’ About Underground Energy. Talkin’ About Regenerative Buildings. Buckle up.


This week on Terra Informa, we’re delving back into the archives to bring back three important and – you might say – optimistic stories. You can think of these pieces as various answers to a wider question: How are people using technology today to address our damaged ecosystems and changing climate?



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Join us as we revisit Jennie Pederson, a scholar seeking to apply modern research to plant conservation in the face of climate change; Alison Thompson, director of the Canadian Geothermal Energy  Association who has fascinating insights into the often overlooked geothermal energy potential in Alberta; and Martin Nielsen, an architect from the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS), a building which is not only net-zero, but net-positive. If you’re intrigued by how this works, then be sure to take a listen.

It’s a lot to take in. Luckily, we’re in this together.

(Photo credit to Colourful Abstracts – original here)

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