Remediating the Soil, Replenishing our Water


This week on Terra Informa, we talk how to deal with projected water shortages and how to use humble plants and fungi to heal the earth.

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Leila Darwish on Bioremediation

In a time when spills, leaks, and environmental disasters are becoming more and more common, how do we clean up in a way that’s both reasonable and responsible? Prevention, of course, is always the best policy, but even the best laid plans go awry, and when they do, one answer is often overlooked: bioremediation. Tasmia Nishat speaks with Leila Darwish, author of Earth Repair, about the healing potential of sunflowers and oyster mushrooms backyard contamination, big spills, and everything in between.

Leila Darwish is also a founding member of Terra Informa and the Council of Canadians’ Pacific regional organizer. You can read her blog here.

Nicholas Ashbolt

California is currently in the fifth year of a drought that’s said to be the worst in a thousand years. Below average precipitation and above average temperatures have depleted reservoirs, destroyed crops, and caused wildfires. The state has just announced a 25% consumption reduction mandate, the first ever in California. The situation is a high profile catastrophe that is drawing attention to just how delicate our water systems can be.

But such a scenario may hit a little closer to home in the near future. Due to climate change and a rapidly increasing population, Calgary is expected to have a severe water shortage within the next 50 years. The city is predicted to have to reduce its water consumption per capita to less than half of what it is now. Fifty years may sound like a long time, but these types of large scale problems require many years to solve. And it only takes one exceptionally dry winter for a water crisis to surface unexpectedly.

Terra Informa’s Carson Fong spoke to Nicholas Ashbolt from the University of Alberta School of Public Health about the water issues we currently face.

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