New Harvest & Tzeporah Berman


This week on Terra Informa, we talk about revolutionary foods and share an interview with a revolutionary environmental advocate from 2014.

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Erin Kim on New Harvest and the Post-Animal Bioeconomy

The prefix bio- indicates life or living organisms. Many companies and organizations are interested in aiding the progress from an economy of exchange and consumption that relies upon the labour and bodies of animals, to one that is not. It’s a big dream, and it may be hard to imagine such a seismic shift in the way we live with other beings, but the organization New Harvest is actively funding and advocating for research that aims to make this vision into a healthy, sustainable reality. Their focus: cultured animal products, also known (erroneously) as lab-grown, or in-vitro animal products. But what exactly is meant by “cultured animal products,” and what sorts of scientific, ethical, and logistical considerations are going into their conception?

Erin Kim is a representative of New Harvest. Listen as she talks to Terra Informer Kevin Holowack about her journey toward cultural animal product advocacy, and the careful considerations she has given to this soon-to-emerge industry.

Also, Isha Datar, the CEO of New Harvest, has given a TED Talk on the subject of Re-Thinking Meat. Click here to learn more.

Tzeporah Berman

Tzeporah Berman, a celebrated and seasoned environmental advocate, has perfected the art of collaboration. She was at the forefront of the Clayoquot Sound blockade, one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in Canadian history. Her successful campaigning convinced Victoria’s Secret, Scott Paper and others to ditch old growth paper. Then she helped protect an enormous section of B.C.’s coastal rainforest from logging. Throughout it all, she was moving from the blockades to the boardrooms, bringing the sides together to find compromises that worked.

So can “hippies” and “the Man” can work together successfully? We thought Tzeporah Berman would be the right person to ask.

She visited the University of Alberta for a talk in 2014. In this interview with Terra Informa’s Danielle Dolgoy, she recounts her history as an activist, shares some insight on pressing issues, and some lessons from the front lines. Currently, Berman works is an Adjunct Professor of York University Faculty of Environmental Studies. She is the former co-director of Greenpeace International’s Global Climate and Energy Program and Co-founder of ForestEthics.

Tzeporah Berman

Photo credit to  Fabrice de Nola.

Note on the photo: “The image is a fiction of in vitro meat packed for sale. The photo was displayed at Skip Life, an exhibit that aims at investigating day-to-day normality as an on-going process, influenced by the scientific knowledge and technological applications.”

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