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Last week we talked about the real cost of cheap food, this week we continue our conversation about food but this time we focus on an always controversial topic – meat. In this episode of Terra Informa we explore meat and all the challenges and opportunities that come with a meat eating society. Erin Carter Talks to Ruth Ozkei about her book entitled “My Year of Meats” and then we go to the archives to hear Carson Fong talk to Three Boars Co-owner and Head Chef, Brayden Kozak.

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My Year of Meats

Terra Informer Erin Carter interviewed Ruth about her first novel, My Year of Meats. They discussed how the cultural messages we receive about meat in Canada and Japan tell us about ourselves, the shift toward eating animal products in Japan, and the traditional differences in meat consumption between Canada and Japan.

No Meat Left Behind

Many different cultures have been using… “interesting” parts of the animal in their cooking for a long time now. But the concept is only barely penetrating North American culture, where our appetite for meat revolves around nice, expensive cuts. Brayden Kozak, head chef and co-owner of Three Boars Eatery in Edmonton, aims to make delicious dishes with meat that might seem a little strange to us. The result? For his suppliers, it means less meat that gets thrown out. For his customers, it means unique plates that excite and delight. And for him? It means a very very busy restaurant. Terra Informa’s Carson Fong got a chance to speak with him.

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