The Way We Travel


On this week’s episode of Terra Informa from the archives, we talk hybrid car sales and how to make biking safer, live from MEC Bike Fest 2015.

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Who’s Buying Hybrid?

At this point, hybrid vehicles have been on the market for a while. The Toyota Prius began selling in Canada fifteen years ago. But despite the constantly improving technology, electric and hybrid electric vehicles account for less than 5% of the automotive market. Adoption is proving to be slow.

To examine what’s happening at the point of sale, Terra Informa’s Carson Fong sat down with a few members of the Lexus of Edmonton team. Wayne Chak, a sales consultant at the dealership, and Matt Miller, the general manager, spoke about the trends they’re seeing with their clients.

Open Maps Make Good Neighours

Bike lanes—somewhat unbelievably—have become one of the most divisive issues in Canadian cities. They cost a lot of money, but advocates believe they save lives. How can anyone argue the price on that?

Matthew Dance and Conrad Nobert think part of the problem is data. City planners have it, the rest of us don’t. City planners can see the most dangerous streets on a map and know where bike lanes would help most. Matthew Dance wants to share that map with the world.

Ghost Bikes

Every once in a while, you might see a bicycle painted entirely white—frame, handlebars, wheels, drivetrain—locked up on a streetside lamp post. Here in Edmonton, the ghost bikes are an initiative Edmonton Bicycle Commuter Society. Trevor Chow-Fraser spoke with their executive director, Chris Chan, to learn more about this poignant bicycle safety project.

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