Let’s Go Bike Touring!


Grease your chain, stock up on water, check the weather, and prepare to pump some pedals… vicariously! Listen to provoking environmental news headlines as you prepare to join Terra Informer Shelley Jodoin as she takes a 130km summer bike ride from Edmonton to Elk Island National Park and back with her roommates Jasmine Farahbakhsh and Katrina Wilson. Then, travel back in time and through space to the 2015 MEC bike fest to find out what Edmonton citizens think about biking.

Download episode here.

Terra Informers Go Biking

What is it about bikes? What madness convinced Terra Informer Shelley Jodoin to join her roommates Katrina Wilson and Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society volunteer Jasmine Farahbakhsh to go on a 67km bike ride? Sustainable, fun, good for your health: Join these adventure seeking women and hopefully you will be convinced to take mechanical advantage of gears and muscles to propel yourself on your own adventure sometime soon.

MEC Bike Fest – Streeters

During MEC Bikefest 2015, Terra Informers Natalee Rawat, Erin Carter, and Tasmia Nishat walked around asking people about first biking memories, and favourite biking routes.

Headline Recap

Iron&Earth is an initiative created by oil sands workers who want more opportunities for trade workers to work in the renewable sector. Check it out!

Heroic RCMP officers saved a starving skunk by removing the Tim Hortons cup stuck on its head! Come on, Timmy.

Download program log here.

Photo courtesy of Travel Luxembourg


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