Edmonton’s River and Art Scene


Morning Star By Alex Janvier, 1993

This week, we have two very timely stories for you. First off, a new story by Terra Informer Amanda Rooney about what many believe to be Edmonton’s greatest attraction: the North Saskatchewan river valley.  Apt timing, as this weekend will be the first ever Edmonton River Fest. Then, an episode from our archives, an interview by Chris Chang-Yen Phillips with First Nations Artist Alex Janvier. Also apt, as a massive tile-mural created by Alex Janvier and installed in the floor of the new Rogers Place arena in Edmonton  was unveiled just last week. We top it all off with a poetry reading from Gary Snyder that speaks to the mid-September air.

Download episode here.

Stories from the Edmonton River Valley

In this story, Terra Informer Amanda Rooney collected perspectives on the Edmonton River Valley. In the following piece, she talks with citizens walking along the river bank before diving into an interview with Brittney Jackson, a scientist and rafting guide with Edmonton River Watch. They cover a whole range of interesting tidbits about the river: from citizen science opportunities to Edmonton’s water treatment plant to myths about the dirtiness of the water.

Words from Artist Alex Janvier 

Last week, a massive public art installation created by Alex Janvier and  set in the floor of the new Roger’s Place Arena in downtown Edmonton was unveiled to the public. The piece is made of nearly one million byzantine glass smalti tiles, and is 14 metres in diameter. the mosaic is named Tsą tsą ke k’e — Iron Foot Place, and depicts the natural beauty of the Edmonton landscape. In this story, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips spoke with Alex Janvier about his life and work, about two years ago, when this mural was still a dream.

Download Program Log here.

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