Nature and the Meaning of Life


This week on Terra Informa we’re discussing the connection between nature and psychology as part of CJSR’s special week of mental health programming. Tune in to learn how connecting with nature enhances well-being, and gives meaning in life. Prescriptions are free. 

Holli-Anne Passmore on Nature, Well-Being, and Meaning in Life

In this special episode focusing on mental health and nature, terra informer Dylan Hall speaks with Holli-Anne Passmore, a PhD Student in Psychological Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Holli-Anne is a positive psychology researcher whose main research areas include 1) how connecting with nature can enhance well-being; 2) meaning in life; 3) full aliveness. She recently started a Nature / Meaning in Life research lab (the Nature-MILL) at UBC for undergraduates interested in pursuing similar research interests. She will also be teaching a course on Meaning in Life at Grant MacEwan university this summer (2017). Listen in to find out how noticing nature inspires feelings of awe, connection, and purpose.  Then, look at the nearest plant, pet your dog, or go outside!

To find out more about Holli-Anne’s most recent study and the noticing nature intervention (and many more well-being interventions) check out The Greater Good in Action:

For more information on Holli-Anne Passmore:

Download the episode here.

Download the program log here.

Image by Simone Kousol-Graham.

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