Reflecting on 2016, Environmentally


Happy Holidays everyone! This week we bring the holiday feels with some archive pieces – we discuss whether artificial or real trees are the way to go, and we speak to Tasmia Nishat’s bus driver on his experience growing up with chinooks. The Terra Informers also reflect on the year, environmentally, and their hopes for the future.

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Christmas Tree Showdown

We’re starting to get to that time of year when many of us are on the lookout for a new Christmas tree for our living rooms. We’re usually faced with one of two options: springing for the real deal, or going artificial. But who wins in the ecological showdown between the two types of trees? Each has its pros and cons, but when it when it comes to deciding which is naughty and which is nice, the answer isn’t so cut-and-dried. Before sprucing up your den this holiday season, you might want to hear some of the facts, which Hamdi Issawi will take us through.

Growing up with Chinooks

Is it shi-nook or chi-nook? And you can actually smell them coming?! These are the things Tasmia Nishat gleaned when speaking with her bus driver last year about his experiences growing up with the chinook in Calgary.

Image Credit: Madereugeneandrew on Wikipedia

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