YEG Winter City


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Loving Winter City Living

Increasingly Canada’s populations are moving to cities, but even urban living is still affected by the whims of weather. This is Canada after all and we all know how cold it can get in the wintertime. Whether you wear the stubbornness of continuing to exist in a frigid land as a badge of pride, or dream of escaping for a beach vacation as soon as temperatures drop, we’re all familiar with how unpleasant it can be to walk from one place to the next with snow flying into your eyes, wind blowing your skin raw, and each step becoming a shaky gamble on a dangerous slip. The weather, unfortunately, is not something that we can change, but we can discuss how we can make our cities more pleasant during the long winter months. This February, Edmonton hosted the city’s second Winter City Shake Up – a conference that addresses how we can make our cities more lovable, healthy, safe, and accessible and ultimately how we can beat the odds and thrive in the city during the winter season. Guest contributor Jody Zink went to the conference and brings us a variety of interviews discussing solutions to combat the windchill blues by making cities more winter friendly.

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Photo by Benjamin Hollis.

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