Something’s not “Right” with the Right Whale Population…


This week, we’re going live for a one-hour special for FunDrive, our home station’s annual fundraiser. Stay tuned in the next two weeks for a recording of that show. But we still have news to share and a fantastic archive interview you need to hear!

If you live in Edmonton and have been to West Edmonton Mall you are probably familiar with ‘the whale’. You know, the one that was prolific in the 90’s and caused mass dismay when it was put into storage? There was cause for celebration in 2015 when the mall reintroduced the big bronze whale into its natural habitat among bustling shoppers. This metal mall whale is a small replica of the right whale that can be found, not at a mall in Edmonton, but in the Atlantic ocean. If you’re fond of that kind-of-dirty but iconic mall whale you might be sad to hear that this has been a tough year on the oceans’ Right Whale population. In August, the bodies of more than 9 right whales have floated to the surface along the Atlantic coast.

Terra Informer Amanda Rooney spoke with Sean Brilliant, the Canadian Wildlife Federation‘s senior conservation biologist, about right whales and what can be done to help conserve this iconic Canadian species and why it matters. Sean also told us about the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s campaign to reduce single use plastics – one of the greatest threats to ocean life.


Download episode now.

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Painting: La Baleine (c. 1840) – Unknown

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