Homelessness in a Changing Climate

Frosty 104 Street

Photo by Mack Male on Flickr

Homelessness In a Changing Climate

Terra Informer Hannah Cunningham spoke with undergraduate student Madeleine Stout. Madeleine is pursuing a BA in Planning and works as a research assistant for University of Alberta human geographer Dr. Damian Collins. Madeleine was awarded Undergraduate Research Initiative grant to look at homelessness and winter in Edmonton. She investigated topics such as how weather factors into homelessness responses in Edmonton, and if the city’s homelessness policies take adaptation to winter weather into account.

Our episode this week investigates how climate change-related impacts are affecting Edmonton’s housing-insecure and homeless populations, and looking at what it means to be a “winter city”.

Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring

To honor the Spring season, we’d like to share a history lesson from 2014 that we pulled from our archives! Have you ever wondered about the origin of the environmental movement or the people behind it? To give you an idea, Yvette Thompson serves up a short on Rachel Carson, a woman who spoke out against pesticides with her 1962 book, Silent Spring. More information: The Life and Legacy of Rachel CarsonThe Story of Silent Spring

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Pollution Tracker determines that Victoria is the most polluted harbor on the West coast.




Controversy over proposed 23-hectare solar farm planned by EPCOR in the Edmonton River Valley.



Disappointing audit of the Edmonton residential waste diversion rate.



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