Indigenous Fishing Livelihoods in Atlantic Canada

This week on Terra Informa we investigate Indigenous-led approaches to fisheries management and the case of the Sipekne'katik First Nation moderate livelihood fishery.

In the management and conservation of resources, what does it mean to coexist? This week on Terra Informa we are joined by PhD student Krista Tremblett to bring you a story on Indigenous-led approaches to fisheries management in Atlantic Canada. We explore the historical precedence and Treaty commitments that guarantee Indigenous rights to fish for a moderate livelihood. And we investigate the recent conflict that erupted between non-Indigenous commercial fishers and Indigenous fishers following the self-regulated moderate livelihood fishery launched by Sipekne'katik First Nation.
Many thanks to our guest Krista Tremblett for contributing her knowledge to this episode. You can learn more about the Sipekne'katik moderate livelihood fishery and how you can support their ongoing efforts here.

To learn more about Indigenous fishing livelihoods in a different context, the Mi'gmaq of Listuguj, Quebec, check out the new documentary series Gespe'gewa'gi - the Last Land, directed by Chisasibi filmmaker Ernie Webb.

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