Water Rights and Relationship with Dr. Leila Harris

This week on Terra Informa we talk water, rights, and relationships (human-environment) with Dr. Leila Harris, UBC!

This week on Terra Informa we do a little social science communication with Dr. Leila Harris, Professor at IRES (and more), at the University of British Columbia. Way back in January, we got the chance to interview Dr. Harris after she gave a talk titled "Human Right to Water & Ongoing Challenges: Equity, Implementation, and Shifting State-Society Relations”, at the UofA.

We'll be talking about the U.N. Human Right to Water, what hydro-social relationships look like, and how water has more than just material dimensions. We'll learn what socio-ecological systems theory is, the concept of hydro-social relationships... and what is an ontology, again?

Script, background - Andrea Miller
Editing, interview - Elizabeth Dowdell
Production - Sofia Osborne

Program Log.

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