June 2021 News Roundup

We're back from our break with your monthly environmental news roundup for the month of June.

We're halfway through the year! This week we're closing out the month of June with the environmental headlines you might have missed from the past four weeks. We've got coverage of the Keystone XL cancellations, land and water defender updates from across Turtle Island, and some headlines about some allegedly environmentally-conscious beverage and food producers.

June was Pride Month and Indigenous People's Month here in so-called Canada! To keep the celebrations going, here are some two-spirit and queer Indigenous artists and authors you might want to check out!
Billy-Ray Belcourt, writer and academic
Aria Evans, dancer and artistic director of Political Movement
Brian Solomon, dancer, media and visual artist
Jeremy Dutcher, musician and composer

Land and Water Defender Updates - Resources
Stop Line 3
Unicorn Riot coverage of June actions

Fairy Creek Updates:
@fairycreekblockade on Instagram
@rainforestflyingsquad on Instagram

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