CSL Documentary: Looking Fly - The Inside Scoop on Insect Protein

This week, we're bringing you a CSL documentary by Nhu Ho and Bethany Godreau. The pair take a deep dive into the wide world of insect protein and investigate how producers are working to bring these proteins closer to home.
Have you ever considered feeding insects to your dogs? Maybe that's too easy, how about purchasing a cricket muffin for yourself at a local cafe? Producers Nhu Ho and Bethany Godreau take a dive into the world of insect protein close to home. Bringing perspectives from Brad Ewankiw of Enterra Corp on the impacts of insect protein production and Serge Boutet, a Montreal-based agronomist with a passion for critters both four-legged and centi-legged. Listen up for information on the environmental implications of insect protein and how it might affect you.

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