August 2021 News Roundup

We've got your end-of-summer roundup of environmental news headlines you might have missed!

It's the end of the month, which means it's time for another news roundup episode.
This week, we're bringing you a breakdown of news headlines you've probably seen, and then diving into some that you may have missed. August was a busy month - the most recent IPCC report was released, a snap federal election was called in so-called Canada, and land and water defenders continue to work in opposition of extractive resource projects across Turtle Island. In other news, we'll dive into the increasingly shallow waters of the Mead Lake Reservoir in the southwest United States, aquaculture in coastal British Columbia, a rare orchid find in Australia, and a small Alberta brewery incorporating CO2 capture technology into its production lines.

PS. We're taking a break in September! You'll be hearing some archive episodes for the next couple of weeks, but we'll be back in October to talk about the federal election results and bring you a fresh batch of new episodes. Take it easy!

IPCC Sixth Assessment Report
IPCC Sixth Assessment Report - Headlines for Policymakers
IPCC Interactive Map
National Observer Canada 2021 Election Parties' Plan to Fight Climate Change
Macleans Federal 2021 Election Platform Guide
Refinery29 Election 2021 Platform Review

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