Revisiting: The 2020 EuroBirdoVision Identification Competition

This epsiode originally aired on December 14, 2020: Listeners, we know you're all very upset that Eurovision was cancelled this year due to COVID. So, we decided to host something similar ourselves on the radio. This week, we bring to you the first ever EuroBirdoVision Identification Competition. You'll hear Terra Informers Charlotte Thomasson, Elizabeth Dowdell, and Sonak Patel try to guess the difference between the names of European birds and bands. You'll also hear some bird songs, and bird facts.

The bird songs in this episode are from DiBird and Avi-base.

The bands mentioned in this episode are: Eugent Bushpepa, Nemra, Lasgo, Irfan, Osmi Putnik, Monsieur Doumani, Priessnitz, Kellermensch, Mana Mana, Poll, Goran Gora, and Telectu.

Download the program log here.
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