Revisiting: Communicating the Science Behind the Biofluorescent Platypus

This episode originally aired on December 7, 2020:
Science is cool. You may agree, since you're listening to a podcast that talks a lot about science of the environmental variety. But, science can be hard to understand, and research can be hard to access. Here at Terra Informa, we asked ourselves, how could we help track down, and break down, new scientific discoveries for our listeners, and make it fun to listen to and easy to understand?

In this week's episode, we talk about a recent science communication workshop the team did with CJSR Podcast Coordinator and Terra Informa alumni, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips. Then, we dig into science - what is it? How does one... well, do it? Finally, we practice our science communication skills as we explain the science behind a very peculiar trait of an equally peculiar animal.

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