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Standing Rock Unfolding


This week on Terra Informa, we bring you a Standing Rock special. We got stories reported from Standing Rock, with a timeline of events up to the December 4th 2016 Denial of Easement from the Army Corps of Engineers. Terra Informa speaks with a Standing Rock Elder, a volunteer lawyer, a sacred fire keeper, participants in a Veteran’s Day direct action, and a longtime resident of the camp.

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Image Credit: Tasmia Nishat

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COP 22 with Dessima Williams, UN Special Advisor


Heads of delegations at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21), which led to the signing of the Paris Agreement. 

First up, news headlines on COP22 in Morocco from Climate Radio, a temporary FM radio station covering the Marrakech Climate Change Conference. Then, an ecobabble from our archives looking back at the 2015 Paris climate talks, followed by Climate radio’s inspirational interview with Dessima Williams, UN special advisor, urging young people to get involved with climate action.


What you need to know about the Paris climate talks

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is held once a year, bringing together members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The 2015 conference was held in Paris, France from November 30 to December 11. This EcoBabble was made leading up to the conference last year, to explain why it would be an especially important conference.

Dessima Williams, United Nations Special Advisor

Exclusive for Climate Radio, Dessima Willams, UN Special Advisor, calls on young people to demand and take sustainable development goals and climate action.

National Aboriginal Day: Resistance through Music and Education through Storytelling

TI June 19 Buffalo.jpg

This week on Terra Informa we revisit a couple of strong First Nations speakers, first we listen to singer songwriter Sierra Jamerson and then hear a traditional story told by Dwayne Donald.

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Sierra Jamerson on B.C.’s Sacred Headwaters

Sierra Jamerson was born into a family of talented leaders and gifted musicians, and she’s been performing professionally since the tender age of eleven, singing traditional Black Gospel, jazz, soul and R&B music.

Part of that talented family of hers is in the Tahltan Nation in British Columbia. You might have heard of the Sacred Headwaters in Tahltan territory. It’s the origin point for three powerful rivers that run through British Columbia—the Stikine, the Skeena and the Nass. When the oil and gas industry tried to start mining in the area, Sierra’s family was at the forefront of Tahltan resistance.

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips spoke with Sierra Jamerson during a live taping at the St. John’s Institute of Edmonton in 2013.

The Story of the Buffalo Child

Math, geography and… storytelling? Teachers are regularly focused on a particular style of education that focuses on a prescribed curriculum. However the standard curriculum can lack voice, perspective and meaning without including one key aspect. Story. Dwayne Donald has challenged the norms on how we view education and curriculum through his unique position in the academic and Aboriginal communities. Dwayne toes the space between how and what we teach with his powerful message on curriculum.

Yvette Thompson spoke with Dwayne Donald, Professor in the Department of Education at the University of Alberta in September 2014. Today, we’re playing the story of The Buffalo Child, as told by Dwayne Donald.

Terra Informa Program Log

Photo Credit: Richard Throssel

The re-re-return of Misinforma


Terra Misinforma is back! Terra Informer Dylan Hall and professional improvisers and “sustainability experts” Gordie Lucius and Quinn Contini take calls from you, our beloved listeners. If you want to learn about how to connect to nature, what to do with paint, and about the dirt pile menace that threatens our city, then this is the episode for you.


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Dandelions: Aesthetic Crime or Unexplored Potential?


This week’s episode includes a story on dandelions from guest contributors Jacques Gartner and Brendan Wyant and an ecobabble on weeds from Chris Chang-Yen Phillips.

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What if we could make use of something that people typically try to throw away? That was one of the questions we wanted to explore when Jacques Gartner and Brendan Wyant began their project on dandelions. Dandelions are a contentious issue; the topic comes up every spring as the little yellow petals begin to appear. People often resort to spraying herbicides on them purely for aesthetic reasons. Locally the city of Edmonton has typically regarded the dandelion as a weed and has resorted to spraying herbicides to eliminate them. Recently however the city of Edmonton has cut down drastically on its spraying practices resulting in numerous complaints.

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Photo by Greg Hume

Who Wants to be a Terra Informer?


(Creative Commons License image – original here)

On this special Valentine’s week episode of Terra Informa, Erin Carter invites Shelly Jodoin and Kevin Holowack to crowd around a microphone in a small room and play Who Wants to be a Terra Informer? Listen up while Shelly and Kevin are tested on their knowledge of past Terra Informa stories and compete for some outstanding prizes in this electrifying, hair-raising game show that is sure to both delight and inform.

Are there net-zero buildings in Canada? Is chocolate an aphrodisiac? Can some water in Alberta be set on fire?

Most importantly, who will take come the coveted beer mug and the legendary organic basil?

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The Fruit Show: Why Grow Here? + Fruit Saved My Life


Welcome to part two of our live Fundrive show. Our theme has been fruit and today, we’ll look at the revealing history of fruitgrowing in Edmonton. And we’ll finish off with a story about going to the edge and finding a sweet, juicy landing. If you like what you hear, please consider supporting our fundraiser by visiting cjsr.com/donate.

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Why Grow Here?

Kathryn Chase Merrett is a writer whose former life as an architectural planner got her interested in what makes up a city, and what makes each city unique. Her earlier book on Edmonton’s City Market led her to write Why Grow Here: Essays on Edmonton’s Gardening HistoryWe spoke in studio to learn more about how settlers and First Nations alike made the lands in and around Edmonton fruitful over the past 150 years.

Fruit Saved My Life

Rob Jackson spent his teenage and young adult years training alongside future Olympians, the best of Canada’s track and field athletes. This is a story about being driven to succeed, cutting lose, and finding a soft landing in Guelph.

The Fruit Show: Food Forests & Fair Trade


Welcome to our annual Live for Fundrive show! This year we’re talking about fruit. Any way you slice it, it’s going to be a sweet time. Join us as we venture into Edmonton’s river valley to visit the Food Forest. Then it’s onto murkier terrain as we try to understand the current opportunities and challenges in Fair Trade fruit.

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Edmonton’s Food Forest

“Part garden, part forest, and part Saskatoon berry pie.” That’s how Dustin Bajer, Food Policy Council Member and teacher, describes the Food Forest his group planted in Edmonton’s river valley.

But what is a food forest? Why does Edmonton have one?  And how does one distinguish a regular forest from one full of fruits? Join Trevor Chow-Fraser and Dustin as they tour Mackinnon Ravine abd Edmonton’s first publicly planted food forest.

Biting into Fair Trade Fruit

Michael Zelmer was recognised as one of the 10 most influential pioneers in Canadian Fair Trade in 2007. He is a member of the Canadian Fair Trade Network Advisory Council and the former Director of Communications for Fairtrade Canada. In almost 15 years within the industry, he has delivered over 100 workshops and presentations on the topic. In 2005, Michael published his master’s thesis on the significance of the Fair Trade and organic markets for the protection of forested ecosystems on Nicaraguan coffee farms.

Today, he helps us understand Fair Trade certification, opportunities here in Canada as well as some other fruity business within the world of trading.