Native Plants and Living Bridges


Living Bridge on Edmonton's 97st

(photo credit: Nicole Wiart)

This week on Terra Informa, we’re bringing you stories about urban greenery. First join Amanda and Shelley on their bike tour of the native plants in Edmonton’s river valley then revist an archive with us as we say goodbye to downtown Edmonton’s living bridge which was reported on by Terra Informers when the project was first started.

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Edmonton River Valley Bike Tour

Last month Terra Informers Shelley Jodoin and Amanda Rooney embarked on a rather lengthy bike tour along with other cyclists interested in learning more about the native species found in the iconic Edmonton river valley. The Edmonton Native Plant River Valley Bike Tour, was a collaboration between the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society and the Edmonton Native Plants Society and riders were taken to various locations to learn about the plants and ecosystems specific to Edmonton.

Amanda and Shelley had the opportunity to chat with Edmonton Native Plant Society representatives Liz Deleeuw and Cherry Dood at the John Janzen Nature center.  They explain the importance of native plants and gave us the low down on the native plant situation in the prairies surrounding Edmonton and area. The terra informers also had the chance to reflect on their bike ride whilst splashing in the north saskatchewan.

Saying Goodbye to the Downtown Living Bridge

In 2013, Terra Informers Nicole Wiart spoke with Erin and Carmen to get the details on how the transformation of one unused space revitalized a downtown community. They found out what happens when you put three creatives together, give them an abandoned bridge and seven weeks: in the case of Edmonton locals Carmen Douville, Erin Ross, and Chelsea Boos, you emerge with a “Living Bridge.”

Over the past five years, the Living Bridge has become a fixture and gathering place of downtown Edmonton. Sadly, it’s time has come to an end and in June 2013 an event was held to transplant the perennial plants from the garden on the bridge to other locations. The time of the living bridge has come to a close but hopefully reflecting on the roots of this project will inspire others to take on similar projects, making green spaces accessible and more numerous!

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The Deal with Data


Photo by Taras Shypka on Unsplash

Here comes more discussion from the conference on Cities and Climate Change that was held in Edmonton by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  (IPCC) from March 5th to 7th, 2018!

Terra informer Sydney Karbonik interviews three panelists from the conference about the key role that data aggregation and big data play in mitigating climate change. Comprehensive and standardized data holds huge potential to help cities fight against climate change.

Sydney spoke with Richard Dawson of Newcastle university, Shannon Mcdaniel from the Global covenant of mayors for climate and energy, and Alex Kovac from the World resources Institute. Lately, there have been a few scandals about how data aggregation companies use our own data to influence us, particularly in politics. However, when companies legally and responsibly collect data, there can many positives. Tune in to discover why big data isn’t necessarily something to be feared and how we can use data aggregation in the fight against climate change!

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Living Outside the Box

Brett Whaley - The Path

Photo by Brett Whaley

The recent IPCC Cities and Climate Conference in Edmonton gave David Draper the opportunity to finally answer his burning questions. Curious about urban development and the future of urban design, this show talks to Julian Daly (Executive Director of Boyle Street Community Services), David Miller (North American Regional Director, C40 Cities), and Don Iveson (Mayor of Edmonton). This show attempts to challenge your conception of why our cities exist as they do and get you to think, and live outside the box.

David Draper produced this documentary as part of a Community Service Learning project at the University of Alberta.


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Youth Voices on Climate Change

In this week’s radio documentary, reporter Andrea Wiebe follows the experiences of youth from around the world as they collaboratively prepare and present a paper on climate change at the International Panel on Climate Change conference held in Edmonton in March.

The group of students collaborated via video chat in the months leading up to the conference in the hopes of bringing youth voices to the conference and influencing policy on climate change internationally. The topic they focused on was reflected the theme of the conference: cities and climate change.

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Farming in Canada’s North


This week on Terra Informa we discuss sustainable agriculture and what its like farming in the north. How much sun do they get?!

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Photo by: Le Refuge Farms

Public Participation and the Environment

Atkinson, George Francis

Photo by George Francis Atkinson

This week, we bring you a documentary by Terra Informer Caitlin Macnab on the new environmental impact assessment and what public participation means in the environmental sphere. Tune in for a deep dive on just one part of the recent federal environmental legislation changes.

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Terra Misinforma 2018


Photo by adam morse on Unsplash

The Terra Informa team is back again with the classic annual ~April fools~ episode!

This April fools tune in to be misinformed about solutions to cow farts, the revocation of your ‘environmentalist’ card, and other solutions to climate change. Then we revisit an archive and delve into questions like “what to do with Iceland?” and “what is eco-amnesia?”.

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IPCC Climate Talks: Tech and Limits to Growth

Ashley Kocsis, Bill Rees, Sydney Karbonik (CCYP)

Is sustainable development a contradiction? Is capitalism sustainable? Are their limits to economic growth? Will technology save us? Do individual actions matter at all?

This week on Terra Informa, we have two very different perspectives on these questions. At the Edmonton IPCC climate talks we spoke with Hoesung Lee, the Chair of the IPCC, and Bill Rees, Professor Emeritus from the University of British Columbia.

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What’s Happening

On Tuesday, March 27,  a group of students at the University of Alberta are holding an event to get students from across faculties together to talk about the interdisciplinary challenges of climate change and sustainability. They will feature the UofA Chair of Anthropology, a Director from the Alberta Climate Change Office, and a Professor of Philosophy. At Terra Informa, we think it’s always great to bring different disciplines together!

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Photo by: Chris Chang-Yen Phillips