We Read Seveneves

The third and final book of this summer’s book club! We’ve spent the last couple months reading Seveneves, by Neil Stephenson. We dig into how the book depicts the world’s response to the catastrophe, how much Neil Stephenson likes robots, and what life must be like at the end of the world.


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Be warned, there be spoilers!

Released this year, the novel explores how the human race reacts when the moon explodes, causing catastrophic consequences. The moon fractures into seven pieces at the very beginning of the book. These pieces are predicted to continuously collide with each other until the chunks are reduced to small pieces that will fall to the Earth and burn the surface. Given an estimated two years before the “Hard Rain” that will leave Earth uninhabitable, the human race has to come up with a solution to somehow continue its existence past this disaster.

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Every Blade of Grass

Cover of Tom Wharton's Every Blade of Grass, feturing a woman facing the sunset. (c) Tom Wharton

Join us as we discuss Thomas Wharton’s Every Blade of Grass. We get into mortality, existentialism, random nature facts — it’s a meaty one!

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The next book club will feature Seveneaves by Neal Stephenson. Grab a copy at your library or local bookstore, and read along and comment @terrainforma or email us at!

Book Club: Being Caribou

Male caribou with big antlers strutting across a meadow

Grab an ice cold drink and settle into your lawn chair: it’s the Terra Informa Summer Book Club! You’re invited to read along with us and share comments or reviews via email, twitter or on facebook. This month, Yvette Thompson leads a discussion on Karsten Heuer’s non-fiction book, Being Caribou.

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