Rough Waters & Divided Valleys: Voices From The Route Of The Northern Gateway Pipeline

Welcome to the home of a special edition of Terra Informa. We are pleased to present our two part radio documentary ‘Rough Waters & Divided Valleys: voices from the route of the Northern Gateway Pipeline’.

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In the summer of 2011, members of Terra Informa set out on a journey to follow the path of the proposed Northern Gateway from its starting point in Edmonton to its terminus in Kitimat, on the coast of British Columbia. When we started our journey and our research, it was clear that this pipeline was going to create a storm of debate. Media coverage would be extensive, and probably influential. But we also wondered whether it would really capture the full range of thoughts and feelings held by those directly affected. This documentary is our attempt to delve a little deeper. It is the result of conversations we had over thousands of kilometers traveled, in communities with the most to gain, and the most to lose. What we found is that a seemingly simple pipeline is creating turbulence in some communities, while building solidarity in others.

FAQs on the Northern Gateway Pipeline Proposal

What is diluted bitumen (dilbit) and how is it different from other petroleum products?

What is the route of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline?

What is the oil tanker route for the Northern Gateway proposal?

How does the joint review panel work  for the Northen Gateway proposal function?

Who decides if the Northern Gateway proposal gets approval?

What are the Saftey Plans for the Northern Gateway pipeline?

What would happen if there was a pipeline leak on the Northen Gateway?

What would happen if there was a tanker spill on the Northen Gateway Project?

And many more questions and facts. Our FAQ section is a great place to go if you are researching the Northern Gateway Pipeline proposal or just looking to get informed.

Reports on the Northern Gateway Proposal

A collection of reports on the Northern Gateway proposal, released by a diversity of groups including the Pembina Institute, Enbridge and the West Coast Environmental Law Center.

Rachelle Van Zanten

Rachelle Van Zanten, who lives close to the proposed route of the pipeline, was the performer of the music in much of the documentary, and also a contributing voice. Below is a excerpt of Rachelle’s bio.

Canadian songstress and slide guitarist Rachelle van Zanten, whose raw melange of blues, folk, Americana and serious guitar-shredding is currently shaking up an audience of its own…Rachelle is a unique and eclectic Americana singer-songwriter much in the style of Lucinda Williams. Rachelle has performed with Feist, Blue Rodeo, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, and Sue Foley just to name a few. In her “spare” time, van Zanten in the producer of Canada’s Rocker Girl Camp, a motivational music camp for young women.

We had a long conversation with Rachelle Van Vanten but not all of it could make it into the documentary. Below are some unaired clips from that conversation.

Rachelle describes how the lakes in the Francois area are connected:

Rachelle talks about claims regarding pipeline technology:

Rachelle talks about the wider tarsands issue:

Rachelle describes the pristine state of her local environment:

Rachelle sings us a song on the beach at the end of our interview:

Clikc here For more on Rachelle Van Zanten’s music

Bonus Audio

More audio not featured in the documentary will be coming to the website during May. Check back often!

Northern Gateway Proposal Videos

BC’s Huge Gamble – short film – Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

Enbridge Pipelines Youtube Channel 

From Tar Sands to Tankers: The Battle to stop Enbridge

Tar Sands and Tankers Part 1: Our Abundant Coast (Dogwood Initiative)

Tar Sands and Tankers Part 2: Albertan Ambitions (Dogwood Initiative)

Tar Sands and Tankers Part 3: The Exxon Valdez (Dogwood Initiative)


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