Northern Gateway FAQs

Northern Gateway FAQs

On December 19th 2013, the Joint Review Panel recommended the approval of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway project, as long as certain environmental and social conditions are met, including developing a marine mammal protection plan, researching heavy oil cleanup and conducting emergency response exercises. The final decision now rests with the Canadian government.

This section present a host of linked information regarding the Northern Gateway project. The information is sorted by topics in a FAQ layout. We will continue to add content and refine the layout of this site to make it more useable for research and general browsing.

What is diluted bitumen (dilbit) and how is it different from other pipeline products?

Dangerous goods: new report highlights risks of shipping raw oilsands (Pembina)

Tarsands Safety Risks (Natural Resource Defense Council)

Dilutent Fact Sheet (Northern Gateway)

Comparison of the Corrosivity of Dilbit and Conventional Crude (Alberta Innovates Energy and Environment Solutions)

Meet “DilBit”: A new word for your troubled oil vocabulary (National Resource Defense Council Blogs)

Tar Sands Pipelines: Presenting Unaddressed Hazards to Public Safety (Natural Resource Defense Council)

Spill from Hell: Diluted Bitumen (The Tyee)

Too Much Energy Used to Mine, Move Bitumen Says BC Firm (The Tyee)

How will the Northern Gateway Pipeline be constructed & what effects will construction have?

Building The Pipeline: Fact Sheet (Northern Gateway)

Watercourse Crossing: Fact Sheet (Northern Gateway)

Hillslope and Fluvial Processes Along the Proposed Pipeline Corridor, Burns Lake to Kitimat, West Central British Columbia (Bulkley Valley Centre for Natural Resources)

What is the route of the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline?

Northern Gateway Pipeline Route Flyover Map (Enbridge Pipelines)

 Map Route: Northern Gateway Pipeline Project (Enbridge Pipelines)

Northern Gateway Pipeline Proposed Route Map (Pipe Up Against Enbridge)

Route Map (Northern Gateway)

Northern Gateway Project Technical Data  (Northern Gateway)

What is the oil tanker route for the Northern Gateway Project?

Enbridge Kitimat Marine Plan (1) (2) (3) (Northern Gateway)

Google Map of the Tanker Route with Overlays (Oppostion, Natural Riches, Human Activites) (Living Oceans)

Northern Gateway Project Technical Data (Northern Gateway)

What is the destination for the producst shipped through the Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Pipeline to Nowhere:Uncertainty and unanswered questions about the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline (Pembina)

How does the joint review panel work  for the Northen Gateway Project function?

Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel FAQ’s

Panel Session Results and Decision Questions and Answers

Procedural Direction Questions and Answers

Application Questions

Hearing Order Questions and Answers

Federal Authorization

AUDIO-Enbridge Northern Gateway JRP community hearings Kitamaat Village (Wet’suwet’en News)

Joint Review Panel Oral Statements Q&A (West Coast Environmental Llaw Center)

How to participate in the Joint Review Panel process for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines (West Coast Environmental Llaw Center)

Overview of the Joint Review Process (Friends of Wild Salmon)

Who decides if the Northern Gateway Project gets approval?

Meet The Joint Review Panel Members: Video & Bio’s (Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel)

Legal backgrounder- The Crown’s approach to First Nations consultation on the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline (West Coast Environmental Llaw Center)

Pipeline Regulations, Canada: Fact Sheet (Northern Gateway)

Project Application Process: Fact Sheet (Northern Gateway)

Enbridge Files Regulatory Application for Northern Gateway Pipeline Project

Federal Minister Show Support For Pipeline Before Review Complete

Northern Gateway Project Timeline (Northern

National Energy Board &  Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Application (Northern Gateway)

What did the Joint Review Panel have to consider in its decision on the Northern Gateway Project?

Wet’suwet’en Written Submission to the Enbridge JRP (Wet’suwet’en News)

Joint Review Panel’s Decision on the Scope of the Environmental Assessment for Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines (West Coast Environmental Llaw Center)

Joint Review Panel Blog (Friends of Wild Salmon)

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline – Getting the Decision Right (West Coast Environmental Llaw Center)

What are the Saftey Plans for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project? 

Pipeline Integrity & Safety: Fact Sheet (Northern

Pipeline assessment and first response plan (Enbridge Pipelines)

Marine assessment and our first response plan (Enbridge Pipelines)

Endbridge Emergency Response Exercise (Enbridge Pipelines)

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Saftey (Enbridge Pipelines)

Endbridge Northern Gateway Project Marine Safety (Enbridge Pipelines)

 Endbridge Northern Gateway Project Tanker Safety (Enbridge Pipelines)

Debunking Enbridge’s Safety Claims (Dogwood Initiative)

Marine Safety: Fact Sheet (Northern

What would happen if there was a pipeline leak on the Northen Gateway Project?

Potential effects of an oil pipeline rupture of an oil pipeline rupture on reach 2 of Morice River: a submission to the Enbridge Northern gateway Project Joint Review panel (Northwest Institute for Biological Research)

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline risks for downstream communities and fisheries (West Coast Environmental Llaw Center)

Tarsands Safety Risks (National Resource Defense Council )

Acute Health Effects of the Enbridge Oil Spill (Michigan Dept of Health)

Risks of Enbridge Gateway Spills (CBC Radio North)

Timeline of event during the Enbridge Pipelines spill on the Kalamazoo River (Michigan Messenger)

What would happen if there was a tanker spill on the Northen Gateway Project? 

West Coast Enbridge Northern Gateway Oil Supertanker and Pipeline Project Brochure  (West Coast Environmental Llaw Center)

Canadian Coast Gaurds response plan  for oil spill found insiffiecnt (Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development)

Marine Species at Risk From Tanker Spill (Dogwood Initiative)

Analysis of potential spill clean up capabilities (Living Oceans)

Analysis of Potential Spill Impacts (Living Oceans)

Oil Spill Model for the West Coast (Living Oceans)

Tar Sands and Tankers Part 4: Modeling a BC Spill (Dogwood Initiative)

Marine Oil Spill Response:Fact Sheet (Northern Gateway)

What is the state of public opinion on the Northern Gateway Project?

Enbirdge Northern Gateway Pipelines: Community Opposition and Investment Risk (Forest Ethics)

Poll On British Columbian oppostion to Northern Gateway Pipeline (Forest Ethics)

VIDEO- Highligting Oppostion across the route of the Northern Gateway Project (Forest Ethics)

Report on British Columbian public Opinion (Living Oceans)

 Coastal First Nations Declare Opposition to Northern Gateway Pipeline

Enbridge pipeline hearings, dispatch #5 from Smithers, BC (Forest ethics)

Enbridge pipeline hearing, dispatch #4: Community hearings begin (Forest ethics)

What are the positions of Aboriginal people along the route of the proposed Northern Gateway Project?

Gitxaala Presentation to Enbridge (Wet’suwet’en News May 05, 2011)

B.C. Native group “UNITED” against Northern Gateway oilsands pipeline (Wet’suwet’en News)

Interior First Nations pipeline ban (Dogwood Initiative)

Coastal BC First Nations public declaration to oppose Enbridge’s pipeline and tanker project (Dogwood Initiative)

Your Voice, Our Future by (Office of the Wet’suwet’en)

Is There a Tanker Ban on the West Coast of Canada?

Victory for BC: NDP tanker ban motion passes the house  (NDP)

Tanker Motion Passes (Dogwood Initiative)

Legal Comment on Coastal First Nations No Tankers Declaration (West Coast Environmental Llaw Center)

 Transport Canada OK’s Northern Gateway supertankers (CBC News)

What are the potential benefits of the Northern Gateway Project

An Economic Assesment of  the Northern Gateway Pipeline (Alberta Federation of Labour)

Benefits to British Columbians, Albertans, Canadians, Effected landowners & Aboriginals (Enbridge Pipelines)

Economic FAQ’s (Enbridge Pipelines)

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline: Do British Columbians Stand to Gain (West Coast Environmental Llaw Center)

Enbridge Pipe Dreams and Nightmares: The Economic Costs and Benefits of the Proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline (Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives)


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