Adria Vasil

Summer Reading

During the summer months there’s nothing quite like soaking up a little sun with the company of a good book. With that in mind, on today’s show we’re going to take a look at a few titles you may want to add to your summer reading list. We interview Adria Vasil, author of the immensely popular Ecoholic series, which aim to help consumers make healthier and more environmentally friendly purchasing decisions. We also  speak with Andrew Nikiforuk about his new book Empire of the Beetle, which examines the causes of the bark beetle outbreaks that have plagued North America in recent years. All that, plus your wrap up of the week’s news headlines.

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The cover of Andrew Nikiforuk's book, Empire of the Beetle, showing a bark beetle superimposed in front of a forest of orange trees.

Andrew Nikiforuk’s new book explores the causes of the recent bark beetle outbreaks that have plagued North American forests.

Ecoholic Body
Adria Vasil is an environmental journalist and author of the best selling Ecoholic series. She’s been a vocal advocate for a healthier environment for more than two decades. After witnessing the Exxon Valdez oil spill as a child, Vasil has dedicated much of her life to investigating the enormous environmental costs of corporate malpractice. But in 2004 her career took a distinctly different path when she began writing a column in Now! Magazine, one of Toronto’s alternative weekly’s. The column, offering tips on how people can mobilize to help the environment through the products they purchase and the daily decisions they make, has spawned three books in the now best selling Ecoholic series that cover everything from the most environmentally friendly cosmetics to how to detoxify your house. To find out more, Terra Informa’s Matt Hirji spoke with Adria Vasil about her career in environmental advocacy and how her latest book, Ecoholic Body, plays into her fight for a more sustainable Earth.

Empire of the Beetle
Andrew Nikiforuk just published an excellent new book on bark beetles, titled Empire of the Beetle. In it he explores some of the current theories on what’s caused the recent outbreaks which have devastated huge swaths of BC’s forests. Climate change is in there, but it’s certainly not the only culprit. Nikiforuk also does a great job of examining the social impacts of bark beetle outbreaks, which is a side of the issue that often gets forgotten about. And he puts the outbreak in western Canada into the larger context of bark beetle outbreaks that have erupted all the way from Alaska to Arizona over the last couple of decades.