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Stand with Fort Chipewyan

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Terra Informa Jan 3 2010

The website is back in action after a winter break and we have a great show to start the new year.

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To start David Kaczan takes a look at the pros and cons of nuclear power at a time when global warming is leading some environmentalists to reconsider the technology and Alberta is debating the development of a nuclear energy sector. Here is a link to the Alberta government report mentioned in the program

Next members of the group Stand with Fort Chipewyan tell us about the health problems and human rights issues surrounding   that the northern community faces as a result of industrial pollution from the Alberta tar sands, and what they’re doing to draw attention to the issue.

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Avnish Blog-Straight Outta Edmonton

Write a letter to your MLA expressing your concerns regarding the Alberta government´s response to Fort Chipewyan’s health issues

To cap off the show John Harvey speaks to a couple who are touring North America in a biodiesel-powered van, visiting sustainability projects and sharing the knowledge they gain with school kids along the way.

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