All About Birds Continued!


Photo by: Bird Canada

You thought we were done with birds? Think again!
We were so amazingly overwhelmed with bird-related content for our June 4, 2019 episode that we didn’t have a chance to use all of it, so we’re bringing it to you this week. This time, it’s PERSONAL – that is, lots of lovely stories about why people love birds, which birds are their favourites, and wild encounters. Terra Informers Amanda Rooney and Carter Gorzitza are working in Alberta’s Dinosaur Provincial Park for the summer, so they chatted with their friends Austin Zeller and Fiona Spitzig about their feathered faves.

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Push for a Canadian Green New Deal

The Green New Deal was introduced in the United States by New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Senator Edward J. Markey as a congressional resolution to address global climate change. The Green New Deal calls for the ending of the United States’ fossil fuel dependency in order to avoid the catastrophic consequences of runaway climate change. While the push for a Green New Deal started in the United States, the word is spreading around the globe, and many Canadian communities and organizations are now beginning to make the same demands.

There are over 150 townhall meetings being organized all across Canada to deliberate on what a Green New Deal could look like in Canada – how it could mean the creation of new jobs, a more equitable economy, and a means of facing the many threats of climate change head-on. The first town hall was held right here, in Edmonton Alberta, on Saturday, May 18th. The event was organized by Climate Justice Edmonton and drew a crowd of 250 people into the Ritchie Community League Hall.

Event: A Green New Deal for All with The Leap and Friends

New York Times: What is the Green New Deal? A Climate Proposal, Explained

Edmonton Journal: Opinion: Green New Deal could bring prosperity back to Alberta

Pipeline Myths and Facts

Both the newly elected and former Alberta provincial governments campaigned heavily around the imperative of pipelines and oil exports for the province’s economy and well-being of people in this province. However, like all political advertising, there were no obligations for these parties to practice truth in advertising. Award-winning journalist Andrew Nikiforuk, a regular on the energy industry beat, writes about a few of the myths, and some of the facts, around the Alberta oil and gas industry and the TransMountain pipeline. Check out the full article for all the myths, facts, and details.

The Tyee: Frustrated by Pipeline Myths Albertans Tell Themselves? Here are the Facts

The 10th Annual Camrose Purple Martin Festival

This Saturday, June 15th, the 10th Annual Camrose Purple Martin Festival is taking place! This single-day event is full of activities and opportunities to learn all about Purple Martins and how to get them into your backyard. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Purple Martin

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All about BIRDS


Photo by: Rick Bohn

This week, Charlotte Thomasson talked to resident Nature Nut, John Acorn, about local bird songs and birding stories, with audio captured by Terra Informers live in Edmonton, Alberta, near Drumheller, Alberta, and on Saturna Island in British Columbia.

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Find out your bird name!

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Photo by Moore Laboratory of Zoology

What’s Happening

If you’re in the Edmonton area this coming weekend, check out Sustainaval!, Edmonton’s renewable energy powered carnival that promotes sustainable living. Located in the northwest corner of the Kingsway Mall parking lot, Sustainaval! features midway rides, games, and educational activities.

Bird songs and soundscapes provided by John Acorn, Chris Chang-yen Phillips, Amanda Rooney, Carter Gorzitza, Fiona Marin, Austin Zeller, Sofia Osborne, Shelley Jodoin, Elizabeth Dowdell, Charlotte Thomasson, and Hannah Cunningham.

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Exploring the Unseen Environment


Terra Informa in CJSR’s Studio A. From the top clockwise: Sofia Osborne, Dylan Hall, Olivia Debourcier, Charlotte Thomasson, Amanda Rooney, with Carter Gorzitza behind the camera!

This week we decided to shake things up on Terra Informa and take a page from one of our favourite podcasts, Radiolab! Specifically, an episode called Breaking Bad News Bears in which they tasked their reporters to pitch and produce a story about either breaking news or bears.  So we sent our volunteers out to report on either a breaking news story OR something that fits into the category: the unseen environment

We ended up with stories ranging from ancient organisms (both big and small) to deleted provincial parks and murmurations. We’re pretty sure that our reporters did an amazing job! What do you think?

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The Battle Over Logging

This week we bring you the stories of two communities who are battling to save their forests. Logging began this past week in habitat crucial for the survival of Canada’s endangered spotted owl near Chilliwack, British Columbia. We talk to a representative from the Western Canada Wilderness Committee about this issue. Construction of a large highway is currently planned through an area with 300 year old trees near Wakefield, Québec. Our correspondent caught up with protestors while on the road in Québec.

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Protestors in the trees near Wakefield, Quebec. Photo by Steve Andersen and Rebecca Rooney.

Logging began this past week in spotted owl habitat located near Chilliwack, British Columbia. Spotted Owls are one of Canada’s most critically endangered species and logging is taking place in an area the BC government had previously set aside for the protection of the spotted owl. To delve deeper into this issue Terra Informa correspondent Myles Curry spoke with  Gwen Barlee of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee.

More on this story: CTV, Western Canada Wilderness Committee, CBC

Another battle over logging is taking place near the small town of Wakefield Québec, which is about an hour from Ottawa. For years, residents have been fighting the proposed construction of a new four lane highway which will result in the destruction of 300 year old trees. Locals also worry the construction may affect the town’s water supply. For more on the story, Steve Andersen catches up with protestors while on the road in Wakefield Québec.

More on this story: A5X (group opposing the highway), Terra Informa’s past coverage of this story


Kent in trouble over Woodland Caribou…again: The Environment Minister has refused to provide Woodland Caribou with the protection they need for survival.

More on this story: Winnipeg Free Press, Pembina, Ecojustice (1), Ecojustice (2), Alberta Caribou Committee

Northern Gateway transportation concerns alleviated: Transport Canada supports the increased traffic from supertankers from the coast of British Columbia to overseas markets in China.

More on this story: The Council of Canadians (1), The Council of Canadians (2)

Booming oilsands poses significant risks: Irreversible damages from Alberta’s oilsands may have a significant impact, both environmentally and financially, to the province.

More on this story: Sierra Club, Privy Council Office

Suppressed communication of scientific research: Accusations of stifling important health and environmental research have been made toward the Canadian government.

More on this story: Sierra Club, BBC