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Special: How should Alberta scrap coal?

Four MLAs seated at a desk in front of a whiteboard.

Representatives of Alberta’s four major political parties participated in the debate. From left: NDP MLA Rachel Notley, WIldrose MLA Joe Anglin, Associate Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy and PC MLA Donna Kennedy-Glans, and Liberal MLA David Swann.

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Something special for Terra Informa listeners today – this is not a full episode, but an extra from a story we’re working on for a future show. On January 17, a remarkable gathering occurred. Representatives from Alberta’s four major political parties met at the University of Alberta to discuss the health effects of coal-fired power generation in the province, and how to wean the province off of coal. We’ve captured a full recording of the event for you to listen to above.

Alberta relies on coal for the majority of its electricity needs — an outlier compared to provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec, which depend more heavily on hydroelectric, natural gas, and nuclear power for electricity generation. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions from Alberta’s electricity sector are high compared to other provinces and territories, and so are health effects like asthma episodes, breathing difficulties, and hospitalizations from air pollution.

The debate was hosted by the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), and moderated by epidemiologist and professor Dr. Colin Soskolne. Thanks to CAPE and Joe Vipond for allowing us to record and broadcast the event.

Coal Fired Power Plants & The Parkland Confrence

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This week David Kaczan has the news and Jade Gregg is your host. It´s no secret that coal fired power plants are an enormous source of air pollution, but which ones are the worst offenders? With the UN´s climate change talks just around the corner, Andy Read and Rebekah Rooney take a closer look at some of the world´s biggest polluters.

Katrina Bray and John Harvey bring us a wrap up of the Parkland Institute´s conference “Crisis + Opportunity: It´s time for a progressive economy”, including discussion by author(Mindful Economics) and academic Joel Magnuson of how the economy could changed to be more sustainable.

Listen, watch and download all the presentations and talks from the Parkland Conferences here on their website.

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