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CBC Change the Debate


Photo Credit: Hannah Cunningham

This week on Terra Informa we focus on the proposed climate action policies of each major federal party in the upcoming 2019 election and speak with Stephen Buhler of Our Time, the group who organized “CBC Change the Debate” rallies across Canada just two weeks ago. We talk about the importance of climate action at the federal scale, why Canadians should be demanding the federal government seriously respond to the climate crisis, and share some audio from the Edmonton demonstration.

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Federal climate change platform, by party

We did a quick dive in to each major political parties published climate change and environment platform. Listen to this weeks episode for a summary or follow the links to the plan itself and media commentary.


A Real Plan

The Narwhal

Global News

Green Party

Mission Possible

Green Party news release


Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change

National Observer


Power to Change: a new deal for climate action and good jobs

Global News

The Tyee

Stephen Buhler, Our Time

Stephen Buhler, a former worker in the Alberta oil and gas sector, and current organizer with both Our Time and Climate Justice Edmonton, talks about his experience advocating for serious climate action and the intention behind the “CBC Change the Debate” rally.

Street opinions, general public

Terra Informers checked in with participants at the “CBC Change the Debate” rally the night of, then asked general public on the University of Alberta campus what their take was on climate change and the federal election.

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Storming the 2013 Con Con


It was a fascinating journey into the heart of a world that us Terra Informers don’t often glimpse. But it’s one that is necessary to gain understanding of where we’re heading in the coming years. Canada as a country has shifted in fundamental ways when it comes to environmental policy under the ruling Conservative party.

This year’s Federal Conservative convention, or (as it’s popularly known) Con Con, was held in Calgary from October 31- November 2. Terra Informa contributors, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips and Trevor Chow-Fraser were able to attend and observe the policy-making in action and get to the bottom of where the Conservative government, and thinkers are headed in terms of environmental policy.

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