All About Mountain Gorillas Leading up to the Edmonton Gorilla Run

TI Sept 6 Mountain_gorillaIf you don’t already know what’s up with mountain gorillas, you’ll be in the know after this week’s episode! Join Shelley Jodoin on an informational adventure learning what there is to know about mountain gorillas, and then find out from Ashley Kocsis and Raemonde Bezenar why you might come across a mob of mountain gorillas in Edmonton on September 10.

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Mountain Gorilla Ecobabble

In this ecobabble, Terra Informer Shelley Jodoin tries to figure out what all the fuss is about mountain gorillas. She learns the differences between mountain and lowland gorillas, about the volcanic Virunga mountain range that they inhabit and other fun facts.

Edmonton Gorilla Run

If you happen to be in Edmonton, Alberta this weekend and see a gang of mountain gorillas running through Corbett Field on Saturday morning, have no fear! We are not being invaded, Planet of the Apes is not going down here and now. What you are seeing is the 7th Annual Edmonton Gorilla Run! Last week, Terra Informer Ashley Kocsis reached out to the Executive Director of the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Society of Canada, Raemonde Bezenar. A fellow Edmontonian, Raemonde is the initiator of the Edmonton Gorilla Run which will be taking place this weekend! On Saturday September 10th, Edmontonians will be meeting at the University of Alberta at Corbett Hall near 114th street and 82 avenue. People will walk or run 5km to fund-raise for the conservation of African Mountain Gorillas and most will do so in gorilla suits.

Article: Raemonde Bezenar and the Canadian Friends of MGVP

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Photo by Dave Proffer.

Deforestation from Girl Scout Cookies & Drugs in our Drinking Water

A merit badge for deforestation? Today we hear about two Girl Scouts who investigated the environmental impact of their famous cookies and decided it was time for a change. We’ll also fill you in on a promising new approach to environmental remediation that uses mushrooms to clean up contaminated soil. Plus, we interview Dr. Greg Goss, an aquatic toxicologist who has been looking into the levels of pharmaceuticals present in Canada’s drinking water.

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An oil palm plantation cuts a swath through the tropical forest of Indonesia. Photo by the Center for International Forestry Research.


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Hoax by the Canadian Youth Climate Change Coalition
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Record loss of Arctic sea ice confirmed
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BC Government to change its carbon offsetting program
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Alberta to shoot wolves to protect caribou, scientists say habitat loss is the true threat
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Environmental Impact of Girl Scout Cookies
Tropical deforestation poses threats to global biodiversity and the livelihoods of forest peoples. It is also a driver of climate change, as the tropical forests store much more carbon than the land covers that typically replace them. In the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, logging is frequently followed by conversion to palm oil plantations. An industry moratorium on buying soybeans from deforested areas in Brazil that began in 2006 greatly diminished soy’s role as an agent of deforestation, and proved that reducing the demand for commodities that drive deforestation is effective at limiting further deforestation. The Union of Concerned Scientists hopes that a similar strategy will work with palm oil in Indonesia and Malaysia. Rebecca Rooney brings us the full story.

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When most people think of natural garbage disposal, they think of composting. Composting works exceedingly well in the natural world; organic material can be quickly broken down and recycled back into the soil. But when waste is too toxic to be composted, the cleanup can be long and difficult. Today Brett Tegart takes a look at the development of a new solution to repairing environmental damage: using mushrooms to eliminate pollution.


Pharmaceuticals in Our Drinking Water
Most people take safe drinking water for granted, but just how clean is our municipal water? Modern water purification does a great job of removing viruses and bacteria, but now concerns are starting to surface about a different type of contamination. Increasingly, trace amounts of pharmaceuticals are being found in water. Our correspondent Steve Andersen talks to water expert Dr. Greg Goss to learn more about the risks and what we can do to reduce them.

Global Biodiversity

On today’s show we’re exploring issues surrounding global biodiversity. We take a look at new efforts to curb the rapid deforestation in Indonesia, backed by billions of dollars from Norway. We’ll also talk to a biologist in Tanzania who’s researching the vital role fruit bats play in maintaining the health of local forests.

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Photo coutersy Nils Rinaldi