De-Extinction: Should We Resurrect Extinct Animal Species?

Giant Tortoise in Floreana Island’s breeding program (photo courtesy of galapagos.org).

What if we could bring extinct animal species back from the dead? This week, Terra Informer Sofia Osborne brings us a story about de-extinction: the use of selective breeding, cloning, and genetic engineering to “resurrect” extinct species. This technology poses a lot of moral and ethical questions—would these “de-extincted” animal species be authentic? Could they ever be wild? Do we owe it to the species we’ve driven to extinction to bring them back? And who should decide whether we use this technology? Listen now to dive into these questions and more.

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Reading List: Looking for more information on de-extinction? Check out these reads:

Zoological illustration of Passenger Pigeons from 1907 (Wikimedia Commons)








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Making Winter Cities Accessible


This week we dug into the archives and found a story from last year. In February of 2017, Edmonton hosted the city’s second Winter City Shake Up – a conference that addresses how we can make our cities more lovable, healthy, safe, and accessible and ultimately how we can beat the odds and thrive in the city during the winter season. Guest contributor Jody Zink went to the conference and brings us a variety of interviews discussing solutions to combat the windchill blues by making cities more winter friendly.

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Photo by: Jeff Wallace

Innovating Environmental Education


Recently, Terra Informer Sydney Karbonik spoke with Aaron Dublenko and James Stuart about their work founding and facilitating the award winning Innovate program at schools here in Edmonton. This program began when Aaron encouraged the Queen Elizabeth High School environmental club to try something different … and the result has been truly … innovative. You might have heard about their school’s project to put solar panels on its roof. Listen on to find out what these students have accomplished.

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Photo by: Lorie Shaull

Gems from our Archives: Tale of the Evan’s Cherry

Weeping Cherry TRee

Weeping Cherry Tree in Bloom by Todd Heft

This week on Terra Informa we re-air a piece from 2014 that we almost lost track of! It’s the tale of the Evan’s Cherry, a prolific fruit in the Edmonton region. This story takes you through the adventure of past Terra Informer, Danielle Dolgoy, who went to some lengths to figure out how this plant came to be so ubiquitous.

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Concern for Iqaluit’s Water Supply

It’s hard living in Northern Canada. Beyond the issues of melting permafrost and boil advisories, there’s a new concern for Iqaluit’s water supply. A study published this year by York University and University of Waterloo Researchers used hydrologic modelling to conclude that Iqaluit may face a water shortage within 5 years. Read more here. 

Seoul Street

South Korea’s capital city of Seoul recently opened “Seoul Street” — a kilometer-long green walkway built on a former highway. The project is part of a larger movement to make the city of 10 million people more pedestrian-friendly. It’s similar to High Line, another green walkway built on a former road in New York City. Seoul Street is a forest microcosm with 24,000 trees, potted plants and flowers. Read more here.

The Wolastoq Grand Council’s Campaign to Restore St. John River’s Maliseet name

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples includes the right “to designate and retain their own names for communities, places and persons.” This is what Grand Chief Ron Tremblay had in mind when he proposed the name change of the St. John’s River to the traditional Maliseet name, Wolastoq. Wolastoq means “beautiful, bountiful river.” So far, the New Brunswick government has rejected the idea, given that the river passes through Maine and changing the name would require co-operation with the US government. Read more here. 

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Tiny Organisms, Big Impacts! Moss and Bees


This week’s episode features two stories about itty bitty organisms packing a big environmental punch. Learn about mosses with Tasmia Nishat and from the archives, get the scoop on urban beekeeping in Edmonton with Chris Chang-Yen Phillips.

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Urban Beekeeping

There are plenty of frontiers in urban agriculture: community gardens, backyard chickens—beekeeping might be the one that makes neighbours and politicians the most nervous. But after years of debate and a pilot project eased us into the idea, Edmonton has finally opened the doors to backyard beekeeping.

Edmonton’s City Council changed its bylaws in April 2015 to allow residents to get their own licensed beehive. So what does it look like (and sound like) to get a delivery of thousands of bees?

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips joined Kyla Tichkowsky, Steph Ripley and Lisa Lumley to find out.

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Photo credit to Mike Phobos

Protecting Big Island Woodbend

2015-08-03 16.53.05

Join us on a field trip through Edmonton’s largest natural area—Big Island Woodbend. Our guides are the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society. Discover what it takes to join their mission: the politics, the passion for nature, and the ignoring of trespassing signs.

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Big Island Woodbend

What’s up in the deep South(west) of Edmonton? Just across the river from well-manicured Windermere, there lies a sprawling natural area—Big Island Woodbend. We met up with the group who has made it their mission to turn the area into a place where all Edmontonians can enjoy and experience nature.

Our guides are Michael Phair and Keren Tang of the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society. On the trail, you’ll also hear from Danielle Dolgoy, Tasmia Nishat,Carson Fong, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips and Trevor Chow-Fraser.

Naked Bike Maintenance


We’re live at Edmonton’s MEC Bike Fest with a two part special all about cycling. This week, we’ll show you how to take good care of your ride, why you should jump on a World Naked Bike Ride, and what’s going on across Canada for Bike Month.

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Taking Care of Your Bike

Chris Chan from Edmonton Bicycle Commuters gives some tips on basic bicycle maintenance, and shares the one thing that he finds himself neglecting on his own bike.

World Naked Bike Ride

It’s a day when people just ride their bikes—naked. Why? We find out when Tasmia Nishat speaks with Julie of World Naked Bike Ride Edmonton.

Update: Due to weather, the World Naked Bike Ride event in Edmonton date has been changed to Saturday, July 4th.

Bike Month Across Canada



First Annual Rayside Balfour Bike Rodeo


Toronto’s Bike to Work Day began in 1989 and is now one of the largest events of its kind throughout North America.

Toronto, Mississauga, York region and Hamilton

Bike Month

@BikeMonth on Twitter


Carbon Cycle Lake-to-Lake overnight bicycle trip from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie.


Bike To Work Ottawa


Pedal Palooza


Bike Week Winnipeg


Ride the Road hands-on course


Bikeology: Bikey Breakfast

Out for an early morning ride? Going to work or school or practice? Woke up early and are pondering possibilities? Have a gap in your schedule between 7 – 9 a.m.? Check out to our Bikey Breakfasts where you can find tasty food and beverages provided by local restaurants, information about cycling in Edmonton, a listing of all the events happening during Bike Month, AND have your bicycle checked by one of our cheery mechanics.

Bikeology: Foodie Fridays

We recognize that some folks just don’t have time to stop… they wanna get where they are going and we might want to go with them! So we created Foodie Fridays with the intent of gathering hordes of cyclists, riding to one or several restaurants every Friday ALL DAY (or for the major meal portions) and then #yegbike -ing the heck out of the ride, the resto, the meal, and the groovy time had by all…EVERY Friday in June!

Bikeology: Commuter Challenge Race

Held during the Commuter Challenge, this race demonstrates the efficiency of various modes of transportation. It’s a friendly competition where we invite participants (including you!) to use various transportation modes (bus, car, bicycle, skateboard, walking/jogging, roller blading, camel) to make their way from a starting location to a finish line in downtown Edmonton. We have developed a highly scientific bagel unit of energy to determine the efficiency of your transportation choice. And, of course, bagels are part of the light breakfast you can look forward to at the finish line.

Bikeology: Mocktails on the Bridge

If early mornings aren’t your stchick and coffee not a draw, then drop by the Handle Bar at the High Level Bridge for a pedal-powered smoothie and a chance to catch up on local goings-on in the bikey world.

Bikeology: Outdoor Ride-In Movie

A simple concept really, it’s a drive-in movie for bicycles, powered by bicycles. The movie is often preceded by music, until it’s dark enough to see the screen (I know, hey?). Bring your own snacks, mozzie repellant, blankets, and something warm and dry to sit on. If you have any suggestions for what bikey film you’d like to see, tell us!

BikeWriters’ Nights

Wax poetic about your ride! The Bikewriters’ Nights take place at Mike’s Bikes and Beans, where our host Mike makes his living ensuring Edmontonians have access to bicycles by either selling bicycles or fixing bicycles. And when he’s not fixing, or out riding, he’s writing! Join the Bikeology Gears and Mike whilst they wax lyric about their favourite object – the bicycle. And Mike makes a mean coffee, just saying…

Coffee Tour of Edmonton

Derek Pluim invites you to join him on his quest for the perfect coffee. Be there to quell your coffee addiction in the most pleasant of ways! Derek says: “some people believe that there isn’t enough coffee in the world for them to become a morning person. I intend to test the validity of that statement. Join me for an invigorating mid-morning ride as we meander our way to some of Edmonton’s best local coffee shops.”

Local Bike Store Day

Local Bike Store Day is slated to be an internationally celebrated day observed the second Thursday of June each year. Its purpose is to celebrate the contributions that independent bicycle stores make: encouraging local jobs, providing local services, ensuring cycling is accessible and affordable everywhere to everyone.

Critical Lass

Critical Lass is an inclusive monthly ride for female cyclists in street clothes, on a route suitable for novice riders, to promote cycling as an approachable, fun, everyday activity, organized by the Loop-Frame Love co-bloggers in Edmonton since June 2010.

Kidical Mass

What, you ask, is a Kidical Mass? It’s a lighthearted family- and kid-centred group ride that is now running in most North American cities. Once again hosted by the lovely ladies at Loop-Frame Love. The first ride was held in April 2008 in Eugene, Oregon and has now spread to over a dozen communities throughout North America and it debuted in Edmonton last year. The rides are meant to be family friendly bike rides through a community. All types of bikes, trailers, trail-a-bikes, Xtracycles, longtails, bakfiets, Long Johns, tandems, folders, trikes, and whatever rolls are welcome! We celebrate the fact that Kids are Traffic Too and aim for family fun on vehicles that don’t hurt the future! It’s just another excuse to pedal around town with your family.

Tackling Climate Change, Balancing Development

People's Climate March

Today we’re live at the People’s Climate March in Edmonton. Reflecting on the challenge of tackling climate change, we’ve selected some pieces dealing with sustainability and social justice. Learn about Ecuador’s constitutionally enshrined ‘rights of nature,’ hear from Julian Agyeman on just sustainability, and meet a teacher bringing permaculture into the classroom.

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The Tale of the Evans Cherry

photo 2

This week, we’ve got a special segment of Dispatches of the Dirt brought to you by Terrainforma’s Danielle Dolgoy and Hamdi Issawi. Find out how the magical Evans Cherry came to be in Edmonton’s supposedly unforgiving climate!

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Cold and Warmth

This week, Terra Informa presents a show live from the 2013 Cold & Warmth Winter Salon, hosted by the Latitude 53 art gallery. We’ve got crowds buzzing around like hot molecules, an interview about Edmonton’s Winter City Strategy, and a rap about the most magical temperature of all.

Cold and Warmth

Warm up with Terra Informa’s live show at the Latitude 53 Winter Salon, themed around Cold and Warmth.

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