De-Extinction: Should We Resurrect Extinct Animal Species?

Giant Tortoise in Floreana Island’s breeding program (photo courtesy of

What if we could bring extinct animal species back from the dead? This week, Terra Informer Sofia Osborne brings us a story about de-extinction: the use of selective breeding, cloning, and genetic engineering to “resurrect” extinct species. This technology poses a lot of moral and ethical questions—would these “de-extincted” animal species be authentic? Could they ever be wild? Do we owe it to the species we’ve driven to extinction to bring them back? And who should decide whether we use this technology? Listen now to dive into these questions and more.

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Reading List: Looking for more information on de-extinction? Check out these reads:

Zoological illustration of Passenger Pigeons from 1907 (Wikimedia Commons)








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Did Roundup Ruin Gluten?


What’s with the spike in gluten-related illnesses? This week, we take a look at glyphosate and ask if it’s the cause of so many people’s diet troubles. We’ve also got the latest episode of Science Faction, where we’ll learn about strange signals from deep in outer space.

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Is Celiac Caused by Roundup?

Danielle Dolgoy connected with Ali Kenefick, a graduate student from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. Ali’s research focuses on nutritional epidemiology – the study of food-related illnesses. Her own struggles with Celiac disease led her to zero in on gluten and the recent spike in gluten-related illnesses. What she discovered, and what many researchers are coming to conclude, is that a seemingly innocuous chemical that has come to dominate the North American industrial agriculture marketplace, is most likely the culprit responsible for all the IBS.

Science Faction: Space Bursts

On this episode of Science Faction, we learn about strange signals from space that suddenly appear and then disappear without a trace. We hear from astrophysicist Dr. Victoria Kaspi from McGill University. If you like what you hear, be sure to check out the other Science Faction episodes.

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