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Sustainable Food Special

Today we hear from Dr. Nettie Wiebe on the importance of small scale family farming and eating locally. She worked with the National Farmers’ Union throughout the 90s and helped found an international peasants’ movement that spans 69 countries.  Her work focuses on sustainability, food sovereignty, and gender equity.

We also investigate a small town in Quebec where residents are worried that a proposed highway expansion will be the end of the spring water they rely on. We take a look at permiculture, and we’ve even got a piece on how to make your very own seed bombs. All that and more in just 30 minutes!

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Photo by Valerie Hinojosa.

SOS Wakefield

Fresh, clean drinking water might be the most valuable resource we have, but in many communities it goes unappreciated.  Not in Wakefield, Quebec, where the community has rallied in support of the Save our Spring initiative.  Rebecca Rooney spoke with Peter Andree and Ilse Turnsen, both members of the SOS Wakefield campaign, and filed this report for our Local Campaigns series.

Find out more about SOS Wakefield here.

Seed Bombs

How to Make a Seed Bomb

Video: Guerrilla Gardener’s Seed Bomb Recipe