Gems from our Archives: Tale of the Evan’s Cherry

Weeping Cherry TRee

Weeping Cherry Tree in Bloom by Todd Heft

This week on Terra Informa we re-air a piece from 2014 that we almost lost track of! It’s the tale of the Evan’s Cherry, a prolific fruit in the Edmonton region. This story takes you through the adventure of past Terra Informer, Danielle Dolgoy, who went to some lengths to figure out how this plant came to be so ubiquitous.

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Concern for Iqaluit’s Water Supply

It’s hard living in Northern Canada. Beyond the issues of melting permafrost and boil advisories, there’s a new concern for Iqaluit’s water supply. A study published this year by York University and University of Waterloo Researchers used hydrologic modelling to conclude that Iqaluit may face a water shortage within 5 years. Read more here. 

Seoul Street

South Korea’s capital city of Seoul recently opened “Seoul Street” — a kilometer-long green walkway built on a former highway. The project is part of a larger movement to make the city of 10 million people more pedestrian-friendly. It’s similar to High Line, another green walkway built on a former road in New York City. Seoul Street is a forest microcosm with 24,000 trees, potted plants and flowers. Read more here.

The Wolastoq Grand Council’s Campaign to Restore St. John River’s Maliseet name

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples includes the right “to designate and retain their own names for communities, places and persons.” This is what Grand Chief Ron Tremblay had in mind when he proposed the name change of the St. John’s River to the traditional Maliseet name, Wolastoq. Wolastoq means “beautiful, bountiful river.” So far, the New Brunswick government has rejected the idea, given that the river passes through Maine and changing the name would require co-operation with the US government. Read more here. 

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