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Northern Gateway Pipeline Special

This week we investigate the social, environmental and economic impacts of the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. David Kaczan brings us the perspective of some Indigenous communities along the proposed route, Myles Curry brings us a ‘Local Campaigns’ segment with Vancouver based group ´No Tanks´, Andy Read discusses the economic impacts of the pipeline and Robyn Currie and Marcus Peterson discuss the environmental risks. Alex Hindle has a wrap up of the week´s news stories and Marcus Peterson is your host.

Bear Defender

Bear Defender by Zig Zag

Environmental Headlines

Estimates of Oil Flow Jump Higher (By Justin Gills, New York Times)

Syncrude prepares to face duck death verdict (By Darcy Henton, Canwest News Service)

Suncor seeking to license technology to speed up tailings cleanup (By: Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press)

Quebec breathing new life into one of Canada’s last remaining asbestos mines (By: Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press)

Endbridge Pipeline Special: Aboriginal Dimension

As millions of litres of oil wash up on the shores of the gulf of Mexico, tough questions are being asked about the environmental costs of our thirst for petroleum. Last week on Terra Informa we brought you a special report on the disaster down south, but the questions raised are all too relevant in Canada also. Are spills inevitable? Can we minimise environmental damage from our oily pursuits to acceptable levels? That of course, depends on who you ask. This week we bring you another special edition, focusing on one of Canada’s most controversial infrastructure proposals in decades. Calgary Energy Company Enbridge wants to build an oil pipeline from the refineries in Edmonton to a new super tanker port in Kitimat on British Columbia’s coastline. Later in the show we’ll examine environmental and economic perspectives on this proposal, but firstly we look at the potential effects on the First Nations communities along the route. David Kaczan filed this report.

Amnesty International Canada: The Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Endbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline

Nadleh Whut’en First Nation

Pipe Up Against (ad campaign)

It’s going to be bigger than Clayoquot Sound (By Mark Hume, The Globe & Mail)

Local Campaigns: No Tanks

In the second instalment of the recurring segment ‘Local Campaigns’, Terra Informa correspondent Myles Curry takes a look at the No Tanks campaign, based out of Vancouver, that is building community opposition to increased oil tanker traffic along Canada’s west coast.

Full Interview with Jeff Harrison of the No Tanks campaign (coming soon)

Enbridge Pipeline Special: Economic Dimension

Next up Andy Read is going to take a critical look at the economics and politics of Canada’s petroleum market and where the Northern Gateway Pipeline fits in.

Map of North American pipelines

Proposed oil tanker routes

Enbridge Pipeline Special: Environmental Dimension

Continuing our focus on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, Terra Informa takes a detailed look at the potential environmental impacts of this project.

Opening the Door to Oil Sands Expansion, The Hidden Environmental Impacts of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline (By By Greg Brown, Jeremy Moorhouse, Jennifer Grant- Pembina Institute)

Dogwood Institute on possibilities of oil spill

The Headwaters Initiative Project